Quality of our Plastic Extrusion Profiles


Providing quality products implies making the most cost-effective, functional and accurate plastic extrusions that fully fulfill the requirements of our clients. Continuously delivering quality products is a competitive advantage that distinguishes our company from the competition.

At HAF Plastik, we strive to deliver the industry’s best quality plastic extrusion profiles. We will work with you with our engineering experience to discover the extruded products that fulfill your budget, time, and design needs.

An efficient quality system is supported by several main components, including pre-production planning, efficient control plans, appropriate training, required inspection facilities, rootcause analysis, corrective action (8-D), learned lessons, and continuous improvement. These components, together with process consistency and the culture and resources needed to support these operations, guarantee that we fulfill the challenging demands of our clients.

Our quality performance is documented by results and supported with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We use the latest tools and technology to ensure the quality of extruded plastic profiles.


Advanced Product Quality Planning Process (APQP)


The APQP method serves as a respectful manner of sharing outcomes between vendors and businesses. It was initially created for the automotive industry, but other manufacturing industries are also using it.


APQP’s objective is to create a plan to develop the finest quality product to meet our clients’ needs. It takes place in three primary stages: development, industrialization and launching of products.


A cross-functional team consisting of Quality, Engineering, Sales and Production performs a part review committee meeting at HAF Plastics before each new extruded plastic profile enters manufacturing. Our strategy to APQP guarantees we evaluate what is critical to your part’s function.


Statistical Process Control


Statistical Process Control is a technique of quality control that monitors a process using statistics. SPC enables us to identify problems in our products at an early stage and to fix or deter further problems rapidly. We can work more effectively and generate less waste through this method.


The SPC method includes three primary stages: understanding the process and the specification limits, eliminating variation sources, and tracking the continuing manufacturing process. We use control charts to identify important modifications or variations when monitoring the process. The objective is to keep a stable process that each and every moment generates coherent, high quality products.


This data will be transmitted with documented control plans to our operators and inspectors. Our operators and inspectors are then primarily responsible for quality assurance by inspecting size, part function and color during manufacturing. This system offers components with the required functionality that are continuously manufactured in a cost-effective manufacturing setting.


HAF Plastik Guarantees High Quality Products and Customized Service