Human Resources



Our Human Resources Policy is based on our willingness to be the preferred employer providing job satisfaction and personal development opportunities to our employees.


We owe our reputation for being customer focused to our great employees.

Our human resources policy incorporates:

  • Having the contribution of all our employees  with a transparent, equal and  participative management approach.
  • Keeping our organizational structure dynamic in line with our strategy and business targets. Being agile and responsive to change.
  • Bringing well educated, innovative, agile, dynamic talents to our company. Retaining and developing them for the longest possible period.
  • Placing the right people to the right position
  • Creating promotion opportunities to our people
  • Creating a safe, healthy, peaceful and secure working environment
  • Providing personal development opportunities to our employees with on the job trainings and proper educational programs
  • Having a customer focused approach in all activities
  • Acting according to the  business laws, regulations, ethical and professional standards
  • Providing fair and competitive incentives. Awarding the high performers.