Electric and Electronic

Electric and Electronic


Electric cable channels, also known as electric channel raceways are extruded profiles that are used to organize and protect cables in residential, commercial, industrial and medical applications. Electric cable channels have a range of uses including extending wiring circuits, routing cables and wiring, organizing cords, protecting and insulating cables and wiring, mounting electrical wiring, and more.


Unlike metal electric channels, plastic channels resist corrosion and will not dent or scratch. They are a durable solution that can be manufactured in various colors to match a surface finish or for color coding electrical wires and cables. Wire channel plastic profiles can be mounted on virtually any surface or installed in molding and drywall and are manufactured in various configurations to meet a wide range of industrial and electrical application requirements.


Our extruded profiles produced with cutting-edge technology plastic extrusion lines will help you to increase the performance of your products and reduce production and service costs.


Wire channel profiles can be square, rectangular, rounded, flat or domed-shaped depending on the type of application. Length, width, and diameter can also be fully customized based on your requirements. Some of the common configurations for extruded electrical channels include:

  • J-channel
  • H-channel
  • U-channel
  • 2-channel
  • 3-channel