HAF Plastik has been extruding light diffusers for lighting applications since it's establishment. We pick the excellent raw materials for your lighting project, aiming to meet the increasing plastic profile needs in lighting industry and improve the appearance and functionality of your lighting products. We provide engineering support to enable full compliance of your special extrusion lighting profiles to your standards.


Replacing metal parts with plastics eliminates the risk of rust, reduces weight, and provides greater impact resistance. HAF Plastik has experience in delivering extruded plastic parts that can withstand the challenging conditions observed in this industry, such as high temperatures, UV wearing, harsh chemicals, fuel exposure, and impact.

Rail Transportation

Aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, reliability and light weight are all important characteristics of components for the rail transportation industry. We work with a wide variety of plastic materials and can manufacture custom extrusions in nearly any shape, no matter how simple or intricate.


Plastic profiles are preferred in marine industry since they are light, cost-effective, resistant to corrosion and have low electrical conductivity. HAF Plastik has the experience of delivering special plastic profiles that can endure harsh conditions seen in this industry such as heavy corrosion, high and low temperatures, UV, hard chemicals, fuel exposure, physical impact and wear.

Point of Sale Display

Wide variety of plastic profiles are used in point of sale display applications in order to create product differentiation, increase sales, raise awareness, strengthen brand and contribute to visual merchandising.

White Goods

Engineering plastics are widely used in white goods as an alternative to metal thanks to their prominent properties such as aesthetics, endurance, ease of design, manufacturability, low cost and recyclability. At Haf Plastik we have complete extrusion and coextrusion capabilities, which enables us to fulfill the every need of white goods manufacturers.

Electric and Electronic

Electric cable channels, also known as electric channel raceways are extruded profiles that are used to organize and protect cables in residential, commercial, industrial and medical applications. Electric cable channels have a range of uses including extending wiring circuits, routing cables and wiring, organizing cords, protecting and insulating cables and wiring, mounting electrical wiring, and more.


When the sealing gaskets require superior thermal performance and air permeability such as window and door applications, our experience in design, material selection and supply chain, as well as the cutting-edge technology plastic extrusion manufacturing lines will help you to increase the product performance and reduce production and service costs.

Commercial Cooling

High-performance materials and additional machining are increasingly requested by operators in the cooling industry. Refrigerator doors, body profiles and their internal lighting units must guarantee excellent thermal insulation and be made of high performance materials. We produce custom extruded plastic profiles to help the commercial cooling systems operate efficiently. Plastic profiles produced using cutting-edge technology plastic extrusion lines will help to increase the performance of your products and reduce production and service costs.